ACS – 14 Comet / Arctic Cat Clutch Puller

  • Size: 7/8 x 14
  • ACS pullers are made from a high grade alloy steel which resists stress, the same material that is used for drill collars, trailer axles and hydraulic machinery shafts.
  • Our pullers are heat treated to increase durability and strength.
  • NOTE: Apply a small amount of grease when using the puller.

ACS-14Arctic CatArtic Cat 6 Bolt Cover1989-1993
ACS-14Arctic CatCheetah1993
ACS-14Arctic CatCheetah 340, 5501994
ACS-14Arctic CatCheetah Touring1991-1992
ACS-14Arctic CatCougar/Cougar MC1991-1995
ACS-14Arctic CatEl Tigre1990
ACS-14Arctic CatEl Tigre EXT/MC1991
ACS-14Arctic CatEXT 5501993
ACS-14Arctic CatEXT 580/EXT 580 MC1994
ACS-14Arctic CatEXT 580/EXT-EFI/Powder Special1995
ACS-14Arctic CatEXT Spec1991-1992
ACS-14Arctic CatEXT/EXT Mtn Cat1992
ACS-14Arctic CatEXT-EFI/EXT-EFI MC1993-1994
ACS-14Arctic CatPanther1995
ACS-14Arctic CatProwler (All)1990-1995
ACS-14Arctic CatT-Cat/T-Cat Mtn1993-1995
ACS-14Arctic CatWild Cat1991-1995
ACS-14Arctic CatZ4401995
ACS-14Arctic CatZR4401993-1996
ACS-14Arctic CatZR5801993-1996
ACS-14Arctic CatZR7001994-1995
ACS-14Arctic CatZRT600/ZRT8001995
ACS-14CometComet 6-Bolt Cover1989-1996