COVID-19 Reminders Keeping the WorkPlace Safe Preventative Actions at ACS

In addition to the Government of Ontario workplace guidelines, mandates & recommendations. ACS has implemented the following preventative actions:

All door handles, kitchen area and bathrooms sanitized throughout the day.

Daily morning front office sanitizing which includes:

  • Wash & Sanitize Hands First
  • Front and middle door handles
  • South office door handle, board room door handle, switches, tables
  • Northwest office door handle
  • Northeast office door handle, switches, toolbox handles
  • Kitchen door handle, switches, microwave, fridge, tables
  • Washroom door handle, switches, and toilet paper dispenser
  • Shop floor door handles, Office table, telephone, computers, printers, switches, women’s washroom door handle, switches, toilet paper dispensers

Daily morning Shop Floor sanitizing which includes:

  • Wash & Sanitize Hands First
  • Bolter air gun, runner weld air gun, manual Bender / Vice, right sink / door air out handle
  • Quality room door handle / countertop / table / height gauge / shadowgraph,
  • Northeast door handle, shop floor door handle / time clock, tool room counter (Sanitizer Station) and door handle, left sink / sanitizers / door air out handle
  • Kitchen upstairs / table / counter / microwave / fridge / railing
  • Washroom’s door handle / urinal / toilet / wall latch / toilet paper dispenser bench, 6 drill presses - handles / on & off switch, vibra - on & off switch, 3 Grinders, 3 pump trucks, 2 presses, big bandsaw, forklift, back door, scale, shred door handle (3 handles)

Workplace Safe Preventative Measures

  • Hand sanitizing stations located at front office and toolroom window
  • Employee and visitors’ temperatures taken & recorded every morning
  • Minimize visitation of suppliers and vendors to an absolute necessary
  • Visitor Covid-19 questionnaire
  • Temperature check for all visitors
  • Washroom and Kitchen use for employees only
  • Courier strict delivery without close contact. Couriers have a designated pick up & drop off area in our vestibule
  • Always use of safety glasses mandatory on the floor
  • Use of mask mandatory
  • Please sanitize your hands when entering the front office and shop floor
  • Front Office Meetings Via Zoom
  • Office with no more than 3 persons
  • Courier Packages between front doors
  • Front Interior Door Locked
  • Sign "Please Call" – Do not Enter
  • Front Office - Individual Utensils and Drawers
  • Dishes & Cups Individual Clean up
  • Sign "Kitchen and Washroom for employees only
  • Chain Back Entrance - Outsiders not allowed beyond that point
  • Plexi Glass Guard Implemented on Front offices
  • Sanitizers / Spray in common Areas Such as Computers & Kitchens
  • Social Distance & Masks Reinforce Message
  • Mask, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes in company truck
  • Doors locked. No outsider admittance to our facility
    Masks and Health Canada approved; 70% alcohol sanitizer provided at all workstations in the plant & all desks in the office
  • Internal sales & production meetings held via Zoom
    Masked, social distancing of 6' for all employees
    Covid health and safety reminders in common areas & on all doors
  • When possible, employees work remotely and physical visits to customers and suppliers not allowed at this time